AWI Diesel Truck Repair Pilot Car Services

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 We offer a complete line of Pilot Car and Flagging services. Whether it is Over-Length, Over-Width, or Over-Height we can help you move your load safely. We offer one, two, or three car escorts and flagging at pickup and destination if needed. For booking or quotes on special or "out of the ordinary" loads give us a call at: (503)-767-1010

Below are our standard rates:

Type of Service:
Lead or Chase upto 25 miles


Lead and Chase upto 25 miles
Lead or Chase 25+ miles

$1.35 per mile ($140.00 minimum)*

Lead and Chase 25+ miles
$1.85 per mile ($160.00 minimum)*
Stanby Time

$35 per hour (1st hour free)

Flagging (at pickup, in-transit or at destination)
$35.00 per hour ($17.50 minimum)


$40 + cost of motel
Cancellation (if dispatched)

*There will be a fuel surcharge added per mile and will be reflected in the total cost of service.
**Fuel surcharge is figured by DOE West Coast Standards. For current rate of fuel surcharge please call us at (503)767-1010.